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Annual Prediction is the best way to know your future
System based on several prediction techniques
Completely made by Juan Santacruz
Without tricks or empty words, I get straight “to the point”
I work as in the past, with dedication to the client
The customer is the most important in my job
Seriousness and discretion totally guaranteed
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Know your Future and your Luck with the Annual Prediction

Through this work in which I use several techniques at the same time, I get to know more accurately the future of a person over a year.

To make your annual prediction I use the Solar Revolution, the transits over your Natal Chart, the primary, secondary and symbolic directions (progressions), whether direct or inverse directions. After, I use the Esoteric tarot and the Osiris tarot to finish seeing your future events. In some cases, I check how the client’s biorhythms evolve throughout the year.

This is a Premium Class Work which takes many hours and is usually focused on people such as: investors, businessmen and public figures such as: actors, artists, athletes and more.

What You Should Know about Me

My first paranormal experience occurred in 1966 at school, I was 12 years old. That aroused my interest in the occultism.

When I was 18 years old, I used to throw the tarot among friends and family as an amateur, even though my parents opposed it.

At the time of writing these lines, it is October 2018, I have been working for 46 years in the occult sciences, however I have made this activity compatible with other professional activities in industry and business.

I know that I am one of the most reputable and considered professionals in Spain. You will not see me on TV doing “theater” with the occult sciences.

Throughout these years I have collaborated in various mass media, both in magazines, radio and TV. In the 90s I became the VIP’s astrologer for my collaboration with the magazine of the famous night club from Barcelona called UP & DOWN.

If you want to know everything about me read my biography on my International website (Spanish).

AND I DO WHAT NOBODY DOES! When I perform a tarot reading either by phone or in my office, I use astrology first and I check the Natal Chart of my customer and how the planetary transits affect him the present and the future. I also use my capacity of clairvoyance. I always use all three techniques at the same time.

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