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Natal chart is essential for a good prediction
It shows the favorable seasons of your future
Made by Juan Santacruz
Without tricks or hollow words, I get straight “to the point”
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The customer is the most important in my job
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What Is the Natal Chart?

The Natal Chart or Astral Chart is the fundamental platform to make any prediction. It is based on astronomical calculations and only applies to the day, time and city of birth of a person.

Besides, It is also applicable to any other topic, for example: the birth of a company, the day of wedding, or any matter of great interest you wish to make, in this case I am talking about astrological prospective.

On the other hand, the result of the Natal Chart is a map of our solar system and how the stars and planets affect you, that is, the Sun, the Moon and the rest of planets until Pluto. Also, I consider some large asteroids, such as Chiron, and the position of the fixed stars. Then the correct interpretation of this graphic is your life and future.

In practice, having the Natal Chart will give you a very broad idea of your latent, conscious and unconscious faculties, and your predisposition towards the most important topics of your life: marriage, profession, studies, children, travel, money, business, success, fame, renown and etc.

If the Natal Chart is consulted every year, you will know your favorable and unfavorable seasons of your next future, and how you can take advantage of this knowledge for your benefit.

Therefore, if you decide to ask for your Natal Chart it is very important that each year you ask me for a review, and at the same time you order to me the Solar Revolution or the Annual Prediction.

It Interests You to Know

I started in this profession when I was 18 years old. The beginning was hard because I ran into opposition from my parents. Really I was misunderstood.

At the same time I had to alternate the learning of the occult, with the traditional teachings of the school and then with the University.

The evolution was very positive, I acquired quite a lot of knowledge of astrology, tarot and other mancias. Since then I have helped hundreds of clients from Spain and other countries. I am currently one of the oldest and most respected professionals from Spain.

For a long time I have taught astrology and tarot, and I have collaborated with many mass media: magazines, radio and TV.

If you want to know everything about me read my biography on my International website (Spanish).

AND I DO WHAT NOBODY DOES! When I perform a tarot reading either by phone or in my office, I use astrology first and I check the Natal Chart of my customer and how the planetary transits affect to him the present and the future. I also use my capacity of clairvoyance. I always use all three techniques at the same time.

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