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Psychic readings of the World today. Juan Santacruz (short biography) is one of the most famous current psychic readers, and trusted and accurate tarot reader.

At the same time I practice astrology and white magic rituals for solve any problems.

I was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1954 from a humble family and I adopted the pseudonym Zain in November 1990, through an initiatory Ritual of High White Magic done by my mentor Mrs. Rosa Salxench. Mrs. Rosa was a great clairvoyant and medium.

My interest in learning different disciplines has led me to study various subjects, some of them are very different from each other as you can read below. For example: electronics, business administration and marketing, financial analysis and much more.

In the professional field, out of the Occult Sciences, I have been dedicated for years to high level business.

Also with managerial positions. However, I have always dedicated a time to the Occult Sciences, my great “passion”.

My dedication to these Sciences began in 1972, first as a hobby and as a third profession later. Currently I only dedicate myself to this job. I am specialized in Tarot Reading,  Astrology, Clairvoyance (psychic readings) and White Magic Rituals.

You can request a consultation or any other service and I guarantee that you will be satisfied.

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Zain, the Best Psychic Readings

I have used the pseudonym Zain for many years, however my clients prefer call me by my name Juan Santacruz because my name inspires reliability. This helps to establish a closer relationship of sympathy and trust with my clients. So I will continue using my real name until the end of my professional life.

The name Zain is an ancient Kabbalistic name and represents one of the basic paths of the Tree of Life. This tree is the map which explains the reality of the Kabbalah. Its mission is to transport the energies of the upper Sefirot to the lower seven Sefirot.

Within the Hebrew Kabbalah this path is linked to the revealing wisdom of God, Chokhmah, and to strength and judgment, Gevurah. Zain is the number 7 and also the seventh letter of the Hebrew Alphabet.

The psychic readings (as clairvoyant) is a usual practice in my daily work, besides I use the tarot and astrology as mechanisms to focus prediction in time. This is fundamental in my consultations for your satisfaction, and at the same time I can contribute you with good advice.

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My First Psychic Reader Experience

The first paranormal phenomenon as a psychic reader was a great experience. It happened when I was 12 years old and it was an unexpected event that aroused my interest in these Sciences.

This happened in 1966 when a bakery company delivered several albums of the collection of cards “Vida y Color” in the school I was studying. It was an initiative for the promotion of their products.

One of albums was raffled in my classroom among fifty students at end of the Spanish grammar class. Thanks to my capacity (unconscious) of clairvoyance I saw the winning number. This happened at the San Luis Gonzaga school from Barcelona.

The first psychic experience led me to become a professional of the clairvoyance, tarot reading, astrology and much more. At the age of eighteen I started tarot reading among my friends and family.

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Education and Skills

When I was young I studied several degrees for my higher education such as electronics and business administration, by the discipline imposed in my home since my father was very authoritarian.

I have several graduations such as: Diploma in electronics, Bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing management, Diploma in cooperative companies management, Diploma in financial analysis and Diploma in stock exchange.

In 1966 I was the winner in the chess championship at the San Luis Gonzaga School from Barcelona, and I went to teach chess to the two sons of the school principal, Mr. Comalada. The same year the principal decided to place my name and photo in a relevant place on the honor roll of the school. The following year I was the winner in the chess provincial championship.

My first hobby is sailing, I am a qualified skipper (for engine&sail yachts) since 1987.

However I had a tendency to learn Occult Sciences. In this regard, I studied many books on occultism at times. I confess that learning was very complicated because I had to alternate the classical studies with esoteric studies.

The opposition of my parents was very strong who did not want to hear about this subject, because of this for a few years I was misunderstood.

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Education in Occult Sciences

Thanks to my friendship with Dr. Portabella I had the opportunity to meet the person who most influenced my life, the great clairvoyant and psychic Mrs. Rosa Salxench from Breda (Spain). She was a disciple of Mr. Josep Mir Rocafort known as Professor Fassman (the radar man).

Mrs. Rosa Salxench channeled my faculties during the 80s and I owe her everything I know about the practice of clairvoyance and psychic ability.

Mrs. Rosa Salxench was a great clairvoyant, she was the greatest clairvoyant of her time. However she was a simple and humble person. Mrs. Salxench said: “I was illiterate, my brothers in heaven have taught me to read and write”.

Additionally I have a wide and deep knowledge of occult sciences, and I have a good dominion of the superior predictive techniques in astrology. I also dominate several tarot readings with diverse type of cards. Besides, I have an accurate tarot reading system.

My capacity for extrasensory perception is extraordinary according to the occasion. It is a form of clairvoyance that I use to give a precognitive answer to any question about the future.

Regarding the magic I perform diverse High White Magic Rituals, Theurgy. They are rituals focused to help my costumers on any issue. My technical is the magic of Mazdeo origin. I perform these rituals by invoking the elevated spiritual powers, angels, archangels and the so-called gods, with the purpose of obtaining the necessary help to solve a problem.

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During years my work has been focused on the personal consultation in Spain and over the telephone later. I also offer personal consultations in California, Mexico and Argentina.

I am the first professional to use the tarot cards, clairvoyance and astrology at the same time in a private consultation. Since the 80s I start every consultation checking the astral chart of my client or about the people who indicate me. After, I use the tarot cards along with my natural ability of clairvoyance.

I was a pioneer in predictions through the audio text system in Spain. This initiative corresponds to the years from 1992 to 1994. It was carried out in collaboration with the company “Anglo Iberica de Audio Text” and the MIA magazine, where I was working under the pseudonym of Mrs. Maya Ramos, by imposition of the managing director of MIA, Mrs. Ketty Rico.

In 1998 I launched to the market the first service of Tarot Reading with flat rate. Through this service you pay an annual fee only, and you can make all the consultations you want during one year by email. Later others have copied my initiative.

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Several Collaborations

I collaborated in several mass media such as: Radio Club 25, Radio San Justo, Radio Nous Barris, Radio Punt, Radio Zona Franca, Hospitalet TV, Santa Coloma TV, Antena 3 TV and Pais Vasco TV.

I have come to make a lot of predictions through of the following magazines: Super Teen, Smash Hits, Chica Hoy, Su Futuro, Turismo y Ocio, Tocado, Marcha Joven, Guia del Ambiente, Zona Alta, Triade and Millenium.

More recently I have collaborated with the following magazines: Village and Up&Down. This last edited by the night club of the same name which was worth to me the nickname of the “Astrologer of the VIP”.

If you wish to know my full biography, please visit my International Website (Spanish language).

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I invite you to see a live clairvoyance consultation just taking a photo with my hands (Spanish). You can also see several videos of my interventions on the mass media in Spain.

Please, check out other videos of Juan Santacruz (Spanish)

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