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What Is the Solar Revolution?

The solar revolution (solar return) is the ideal complement for every person who has a Natal Chart. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is ask to me for your Natal Chart.

The solar revolution is an effective tool capable of accurately showing the events that go from a birthday to the next birthday. This technique can be applied to anyone of any age.

Besides, through this work I locate the issues and the dates of the most important events of your life, month by month.

Therefore, the solar revolution show how those months will be, what issues will concern the person, what will be the quality of the year, whether it will be a favorable year or not, where are your interests going, what events are coming and when.

Technique of the Solar Revolution

This work is based on the apparent solar return to the same point it was (the Sun) at the time of birth.

For example, if you are Cancer and when you were born the Sun was at 15 degrees and 30 seconds of Cancer, by calculation I will find out the exact moment in which the Sun will be in that same point of Cancer. Normally it is not the same time as the birth.

From there, with the data obtained by calculation I make the graph of that moment, and that graph is superimposed on the Natal Chart.

Later, I interpret all the information: the Revolution itself, the interaction of the Revolution with the Natal Chart, plus the planetary transits on the Natal Chart and some other factor.

It is advisable to make the Solar Revolution a few days prior to your birthday.

Some Things that You Must Know

It was the beginning of the 80s when Dr. Jorge Portabella, an amateur on this subject, encouraged me to study astrology.

I bought and read dozens of books, attended courses and trainings, and step by step I learned this exciting pseudoscience; for the ignorant it is “superstition” only. That is how I became an astrologer, step by step. Later I learned the superior predictive techniques.

Years ago I have taught astrology and tarot, and I have collaborated in many mass media in Spain, such as magazines, radio and TV.

I was a pioneer in making horoscopes for the twelve signs of the Zodiac through the audio-text system, collaborating with the Anglo Ibérica Audio-Text Company from Barcelona and the MIA magazine from Madrid.

In the 90s, I launched the first flat rate consultation system in Spain, called Multiconsulta.

If you want to know everything about me read my biography on my International website (Spanish).

AND I DO WHAT NOBODY DOES! When I perform a tarot reading either by phone or in my office, I use astrology first and I check the Natal Chart of my customer and how the planetary transits affect to him the present and the future. I also use my capacity of clairvoyance. I always use all three techniques at the same time.

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