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What You Should Know about the Synastry

Along with the Astral Chart and the Annual Prediction, the Synastry is one of the best techniques of astrology. You will know the couple compatibility level. You will know many details that escape in your relationship, such as: Why do you often argue? Why your intimate relationship does not satisfying you? Why your partner has certain attitudes? And much more.

On the other hand, if you have met a person and you like him, you can know in advance if you could have a good relationship or not, so you can decide if you go after him (or her) or just forget. There are relationships that are conflicting and initially it is not known! When you know a person and you like him, at first everything is golden.

The synastry is also used to know the level of compromise between a person and your job, between two partners, or between a group with respect to other group.

Aspects I Check

When I perform a synastry I check the mutual attraction, the mind conection level, spiritual and physical accommodation. The sexual relationship. I check the harmony and coordination of efforts among the couple for a common good.

How the personality of one person influences the other and what you can expect from the other person. You will obtain a fairly accurate knowledge of how living with your future spouse will be.

Unfortunately, this is the most unknown technique of astrology, however it offers very good results in practice, especially of preventive type.

Information about Me

I am an authentic psychic, clairvoyant, and sometimes I have processes of clairaudience.

My first experience dates back to the year 1966 and it happened at school during the raffle of an album. I was 12 years old only. It was half clairvoyance and half clairaudience.

When I was 18 years old I started to tarot reading, initially as an amateur and later as a professional. At this moment, when I write this text, I have been working for 46 years. I am one of the oldest and most considerate professionals of Spain.

Since the mid-80s I practice astrology. And I have collaborated in many mass media in Spain, both magazines, radio and TV.

If you want to know everything about me read my biography on my International website (Spanish).

AND I DO WHAT NOBODY DOES! When I perform a tarot reading either by phone or in my office, I use astrology first and I check the Natal Chart of my customer and how the planetary transits affect him the present and the future. I also use my capacity of clairvoyance. I always use all three techniques at the same time.

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