Powerful talisman for love, money, work and all your wishes. The good luck given by this great talisman is incredible.

This talisman is called Gau and is used by the Buddhist monks from Tibet. Deposit your faith in the talisman and you will get excellent satisfactions in money, love, business, work, health and much more.

There are other similar designs with similar results. However, this one is possibly the most used by the combination of green and red gems on a gold background. The green petals attracts money, work, sympathy and opens your paths. The red color attracts love to your life, reinforces your sexual appetite and destroys spells, especially sentimental spells against you. On the other hand, the gold of the talisman, the main base of this object, is a great protector and opens your paths to wealth, business and at the same time stimulates saving.

If you ask for a lawful and reasonable wish to this talisman it will correspond to you with help and protection. I attest to that myself.

powerful talisman for love, money, marriage, work

How to Request a Wish?

Relaxation: first of all put yourself in a quiet place, without any kind of noise. With your eyes closed, relax mentally and physically for a few minutes, and do not think about your problems. Your mind must be empty of fears, doubts and conflicts.

Fixing the image: now open your eyes and look the talisman for a few seconds. It’s image should be fixed in your mind.

Petition: close your eyes again and with the image of the talisman in your mind, invoke it and ask for your wish. The desire must be concrete and positive, and you have to repeat it mentally nine times.

To send a wish: open your eyes again and look the talisman, and blow strongly on it by mentally sending your wish.

If you do not get your wish you can request my services: White Magic Rituals

Do Not Play with the Talisman

You must be careful in the spiritual field. Any petition, action or negligence can trigger surprising events. If you do not have experience on occultism practices you need to be careful.

You should not play around with any talisman or amulet, but in particular this one. From the past it has given good results to all my customers, but as it is obvious, when it is used as a game, its power can come to cause you many complications.

When you have made your petition to the Talisman, it is ESSENTIAL you copy and send the address of this page to at least 9 people:


You can send it by WhatsApp, email or SMS. This will also help people who may be interested.

If you want you can send this URL to more people, but since the number 9 is magical, the sending must always be a multiple of 9, for example: 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90…, sendings.

I recommend you to know about the magic of the number 9. Please read the following topic on my International Website (Spanish): Numerology



You must NEVER ask for a new wish until the previous one has been fulfilled. This is the big mistake in which many people fall, “to ask one after the other”. THIS IS NOT THE WAY!

Prioritize, first ask for the most urgent one, when your wish has been fulfilled, you can request other one. If your wish is delayed, you can ask again after two or three months.

Keep in mind that the desire you ask must be legitimate, reasonable, and especially achievable. For example:

  • If you consider you are prepared for a superior professional position to the current one, make the petition.
  • You can also ask for a change to another company where your work is more recognized and better paid.
  • In the case of a disease you can ask for a cure or relief as long as it is not terminal.
  • If you have money troubles ask for the money you need to get out of the ditch.

Otherwise, if you have not education nor business experience, do NOT ask to become a billionaire overnight through business. In all that you ask for, the “seed of possibility” must exist. Remember: “just like a house is built from the foundations, you must start from the base”.



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