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Tarot Card Reading, essential advices.

I am an expert in the Occult Sciences and I can reveal your future and guide you when you need my help. I started tarot reading in 1972 when I was 18 years old.

I have extensive experience, for this reason I want give you some advice for your life before a tarot card reading.

In this regard you need to try have the clear ideas about your goals, even if you are having a bad time in your life, so I ask you to clarify your wishes before contact me. There are clients who expect from me a “miracle” just by writting to me.

Knowing the present and the future I will help you to make decisions, I will protect you from conflicts and damages, and you take advantage of the favorable seasons that will come to you.

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If You Are in a Season of Strong Pressure & Anxiety

Tarot card reading can help you a lot especially if the tarotist or clairvoyant is serious and good professional, and the clairvoyant says you “all the truth only” about the oracle. A clairvoyant can be wrong, but this situation is very different, the bad intention does not exist because anyone can get confused.

The main problem is if you fall into the hands of a scammer, a pirate of the occultism. So, when bad cards appear the first impression is that someone has meddled with black magic (witchcraft).

First of all you must be positive although you are having a bitter moment. I know it is hard. I think that bad seasons happen just like storms. The storms come and go. For this reason before calling me you think calmly about your life, about your goals, and what you wish from me. A few persons believe that for calling me they will have a miracle.

A fundamental advice! If you are under pressure due to the problems, DO NOT call a large number of tarot card readers or clairvoyants as some people do. It is very likely that you will unconsciously look for whoever tells you what you want to hear. Then they will only give you a sugar-coated message. This is an error that many people commit, and the result is a greater confusion after talking to several clairvoyants.

I advise you to be faithful to the clairvoyant of your choice, especially if he is a real professional who will help you and guide you. And, even more so, if he predicts your future perfectly even if sometimes he does not give you good news.

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Precautions Before a Tarot Card Reading

The Lies on Tarot Card Reading, Astrology and Magic Rituals

  • Be absolutely wary of those who claim to be Professor, Master or Doctor in Parapsychology, Occultism, Magic and so on, of an unknown university in other country that you can not check. Consider there are no universities in which to graduate as a clairvoyant or magician. This is reserved to the movies!
  • The clairvoyance, like other faculties, It is a gift bestowed by God at birth that must be developed.
  • Regarding astrology. First of all, it must be learned in a school as other high education subjects, and many hours of practice are needed later.
  • You can certainly doubt of these “pseudo professionals” who guarantee to solve your problems in a few days. Stay away from those who boast of possessing powers bestowed by entities of other dimension, such as extraterrestrials or supposed divinities. Most times it is just a lie.
  • Take precaution with regard to misleading and lavish advertisements in newspapers, magazines and TV, because these overpromises will not relieve your spirit and not help you to solve any problem.
  • You must suspect immediately of the alleged clairvoyants who tells you that you are a victim of witchcraft, black magic, voodoo and so on, because in reality happens you are going through a bad moment in your life. You should understand this comments is for obtain money from you only. This is called “sell fear”.
I recommend you read the documents in the next links: Doubts about clairvoyants? and Before your consultation with me (Spanish language). It will certainly open your eyes on these issues.



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