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high magic rituals for love, marriage, money, work, good luck, powerful rituals

White magic rituals to solve your problems
They are focused to attract love, money and good luck
Rituals of high protection against any damage
Rituals to solve problems, I get straight “to the point”
Personal technique learned in the 80s
Performed personally by Juan Santacruz
Total seriousness and discretion guaranteed
The customer is the most important in my work

What Is a White Magic Ritual?

In white magic rituals different levels according to the degree of invocation exist, that is, according to the invoked spirit and the request made in the prayer.

In the highest aspect of the rituals of white magic I invoke the high spirits, as the archangels, cherubim and seraphim, and I ask for the help of the guardian angel, so that they ask God to solve the problem.

There are different ways to perform rituals of white magic, although I practice the magic of Mazdeo origin mixed with Catholicism.

The Mazdeo people lived in the present territory of Iran centuries before Christ. Their religious leader was Zarathustra or Zoroaster. They are attributed the beginning of the true magic.

The word “magic” comes from the word mazdeo (Mazda or Mazdean), which was neither more nor less than the religious practice of that people. And Ahura Mazda is the only God of Zoroastrianism; for Christians it is only God.

Objective of the White Magic Rituals

By performing these rituals I act positively on the problem that torments my client, modifying the circumstances that condition his life.

These rituals are always involved at a spiritual level. I perform them as an extension of my personal faculties, projecting the ritual into a dimension beyond the limits perceived by the senses.

I apply these rituals to any problem, however I most often apply them to the following issues: love, marriage, money, work or business, conflicts. Also to eliminate any kind of damage.

These works are done personally without assistants or secretaries, with seriousness and total discretion.

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